Thin Air is a surreal 2D/3D adventure game, currently in development for Steam & consoles. With a bold visual style and innovative mechanics, Thin Air seeks to redefine the kinds of stories that can - and should - be told in games. The game was initially conceptualized at the Stugan Accelerator in 2016.


Portmanteau is an artist-driven indie game studio based in Los Angeles, CA.


Portmanteau was co-founded by producer Michael Fallik and art-director Laura Yilmaz. Formerly the producer on Giant Sparrow's "What Remains of Edith Finch," Michael has gone on to produce and advise on a number of VR and independent game projects, with clients including Microsoft, The Game Band, and Sirvo. An art/animation director in the motion graphics and music video scene, Laura has designed and animated for 2D, 3D, and stop-motion projects, with a client list that includes Facebook, Hulu, San Diego Zoo, Katy Perry, and Crystal Kay. Both Michael & Laura hold MFAs from the University of Southern California School of Cinematic Arts.



Portmanteau provides game development and consultation services tailored to the particular needs of small- and medium-sized independent game studios. Areas of specialty include:

PRODUCTION: Staffing, budgeting, and schedule management

ART: Animation, visual design, pipeline, and implementation

NARRATIVE: Story, script, and narrative scoping


If you're looking for help setting up a studio, streamlining a production, or tailoring the art pipeline of an indie game or VR project, give us a shout at Or you can use our contact form below:


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